lmhosts file setup

Josh Durham jmd at aoe.vt.edu
Mon Nov 13 22:12:12 GMT 2000

I'm trying to get a samba server to use an lmhosts file for a host instead
of WINS and broadcast, and I was wondering what the right procedure is.

This is what I tried.  I put this in the smb.conf file:
   name resolve order = lmhosts wins bcast

I put this in the /etc/lmhosts file(this is using the precanned samba
server from RedHat, so I hope that is the right place): aries

I killed nmbd, and ran it with:
nmbd -D -H /etc/lmhosts

I HUPed all the smbd servers, and I killed any servers that were hosting
the client, aries.

No joy.  I did the same thing on Windows NT, putting hermes #PRE   in its lmhosts file, and it seems like it is
sending using the right address, but receiving using the wins/bcast
address(the computers are multihomed, both on both networks)

I know this is a headache, but I was hoping someone could see something I
was doing wrong.

Thanks alot,
- Josh

* Josh Durham | AOE at Virginia Tech | (540) 231-9061 jdurham at vt.edu *

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