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I'm new to the list, but I'm very interested in this thread.  I also, 
can't get SWAT working.  There is a caveat on the Red Hat site that 
says the following with regard to SWAT on 7.0:

>There is a bug in the internal tcpwrappers functionality of xinetd. 
>The problem is known and is being worked on. In the meantime, you 
>can change this line in the /etc/xinetd.d/swat file:
>                only_from = localhost
>                only_from =
>That should allow SWAT to function normally.

Unfortunately, although I've made this change, I still can't get 

Anyone had success getting it working?


Rob Yale

>I recently upgraded to RH7.0 as well. I found from Red Hat's site (I think
>that is where) that Red Hat no longer uses inetd.conf. but instead a more
>secure xinetd.conf. I do not know what those little script files do in
>that directory but all the stuff for POP3, SWAT and all the other port
>services should be found in /etc/services
>this is what I get.....
>[ryan at the45 ryan]$ cat /etc/services | grep swat
>swat            901/tcp                         # Samba Web Administration
>>  Dear all,
>>  Can You help me plese?
>>  I cannot run (configure) SWAT on my REDHAT 7.0 system. I cannot find
>>  inetd.conf file. But file xinetd.conf is present. Could You help me with
>>  this?
>>  Thank You very much
>>  Best regard
>>  Imrich Horvath

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