Tape backup options?

Vetter, Gary H. ghvetter at state.nd.us
Mon Nov 13 15:29:47 GMT 2000

Veritas certainly claims to support Linux (excerpt from January 2000 press
release at  http://www.veritas.com/us/aboutus/pressroom/2000/00-01-24-0.html
<http://www.veritas.com/us/aboutus/pressroom/2000/00-01-24-0.html>  ):
VERITAS Software Linux Solutions Today 

VERITAS Software offers backup and restore clients for Linux via agents for
its leading VERITAS NetBackupTM and VERITAS Backup ExecTM data protection

VERITAS NetBackupTM client software for Linux enables high-speed backup
"over the wire" to VERITAS NetBackupTM media servers. The VERITAS
NetBackupTM Linux client facilitates high performance data protection for
Red Hat Linux, SuSE Linux and Caldera OpenLinux servers or workstations.
This solution is currently shipping with Red Hat Linux 6.1 Deluxe. VERITAS
Backup ExecTM is the distributed data protection solution for multi-platform
installations that require intuitive and reliable data protection with
minimal administration, also currently supports Red Hat Linux, SuSE Linux,
Caldera OpenLinux and Mandrake Linux. Additional support for TurboLinux is
expected this year.

Maybe their tech support people need to get together with their public
relations people.

   I'm trying to use Veritas' Backup Exec on an NT server to backup the
Linux smb shares, but without success.  Has anybody managed to accomplish
this feat?  

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