Access Denied to Samba Server

May, Chris chris.may at
Mon Nov 13 13:59:15 GMT 2000

	To Samba Team,

   I have set up samba for the first time using your 2.07 binaries on a
HP-UX 10.2 system.  I am a unix systems admin and unfortunately don't know
too much about the NT or windows side of administration.  I ran all of the
tests from the unix side and everything tests successfully.  I'm hoping to
provide the NT or windows admin with some help by sending this email to you.
There is a site miles away that was able to connect to the samba unix server
using one of the customers ID's on the unix box.  The local NT box gets the
following error when they try to connect using the same ID: "Account is not
authorized to log on from this station".  The following is a copy of the
contents of the /opt/samba/lib/smb.conf file on the unix server:

interfaces =
workgroup = EDSDOM03

   guest ok = no
   read only = no

   comment = temporary files
   path = /tmp
   read only = yes

   Perhaps this error is something small, but I am having trouble figuring
out why the NT box that is on the same subnet as the server would get an
error, but an NT box that has nothing to do with the servers domain can
connect without a problem.  Could you please provide me with some direction?

Thank you,

Christopher R. May
chris.may at

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