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first thing is first. the workgroup setting specifies what workgroup or
domain (if security is set to domain). to setup samba to be a server on a
domain, here is an example smb.conf file. this should answer a few of your

here is the layout of my network
Linux box = Meridian ( - slave of pdc
NT 4.0 box = Lithium ( - pdc running wins server
NT4 Domain = SOHOLAN

	netbios name = MERIDIAN 	# you would add this name to your nt4 pdc. this is
your netbios name.
	workgroup = SOHOLAN		# this is your workgroup or domain in your situation.
      security = domain			# this is the type of security samba uses.
      encrypt passwords = Yes
	password server = LITHIUM	# this tells samba to valid users through your nt
	wins support = No			# this tells samba not to act as a wins server.
	wins server =	# this tells samba to register with the wins
server on the nt4 server.

      comment = Public File Share
	read only = no
	guest ok = yes
      writable = yes
      public = yes

i'm not totally sure if you need to run the wins server on the nt server.
however, i believe that when i set the linux box to be the wins server, i
was getting errors accessing network neighborhood. guess because if the nt
server is accepting the domain logins for the machines, it may not be
registering it with the linux wins server. might want to check into that. or
maybe someone has the answer.

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I restarted the nmdb and smbd daemons and can see samba in network
neighborhood on my NT 4.0 server,..but when I double click on it I get an
error saying

\\digitalconscious is not available

I have samba running on redhat 6.2 and my other computer is NT 4.0
server, the [global] section where it says workgroup = STUDIO54,..well
that's my that correct?,...I read it was Winnt 4.0 when I go to server manager to add an account for my
Linux box,..what name do I put?....whets the netbeui name of my Linux
box, do I find that out,.......I just used the hostname of the Linux

here's my conf file

        workgroup = STUDIO54
        encrypt passwords = yes
#       name resolve order = wins lmhosts hosts bcast
#       wins support = true

comment = for testing only
path = /usr/local/samba/files
read only = no
guest ok = yes
writable = yes
public = yes

        comment = allusers
        path = /home

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