SAMBA 2.0.6 Available for OpenVMS VAX 7.1 and OpenVMS Alpha 7.2

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Mon Nov 13 00:02:16 GMT 2000

     SAMBA 2.0.6 is now available for testing on VAX and ALPHA.

     The preliminary VAX testing uncovered a bug in the UNIX samba build
     and a two bugs in the FRONTPORT library.

      As such, all zip archives have been updated to reflect the new builds.

      see and
   for the kits.

      I do not have much testing done on the VAX build.

     Occasionally the NMBD program stops responding and attempts to kill it
     cause it to go into an RWMBX state.  If you observe this as a chronic
     problem, then try using the NMBD program from an earlier version of

     The bug found in the SAMBA code was a case where when NMBD checked to
     see if there were more interfaces and the TCP/IP program in use did not
     support that call, it then attempted to do a memcmp of a negative
     number of bytes.  This resulted in an Access Violation on OpenVMS-VAX
     and TCP/IP 4.2.  This has now been fixed in the SAMBA UNIX code.

     It may also have only shown up because of other bugs that have since
     fixed with the VAX transfer vectors and linker option files.

     The FRONTPORT library had a bug where when an fopen() call failed, it
     would not return the proper errno value.

     The FRONTPORT library had a bug where a buffer of 33 bytes was
     allocated for receiving the user's default device name, but the
     SYS$GETUAI call was told that 64 bytes were available.  It worked on
     OpenVMS ALPHA 7.2, but not OpenVMS VAX 7.1.

     The FRONTPORT library was dependent on privilege mask symbols being
     present on ALPHA that where not present prior to OpenVMS 7.2.

     SAMBA and FRONTPORT will mostly compile clean using DEC C 6.0.  DEC C
     6.2 produces informational diagnostics.

     Bug reports are welcome, and I would encourage them to be posted on
     comp.os.vms or samba-vms at  At this time I can not say when
     and if I will be able to respond to them.

     Good luck,

    wb8tyw at
    malmberg at eisner.decus.organization

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