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Juan B. Rodriguez jbrodriguez at
Sat Nov 11 18:54:27 GMT 2000

Hello all,

I've got a Linux box acting as the firewall/masquerader to a W2KPro and a
W98 machines. This Linux box is connected to a DSL connection on eth1 and
runs the internal 'LAN' on eth2. Now, I've successfully setup Samba services
on Linux and they're working like a charm. I have a problem though.

Communication over smb protocol is extremely low. The collision led on the
ethernet hub goes by the hand with the activity leds. Note that this doesn't
happen for outbound/inbound connection. This problem affects only protocols
whose startpoint/endpoint stays within my Class C private network

The only thing I've found so far is that the Linux box successfully becomes
a master browser for my internal interface, but keeps trying every 5 minutes
to become a master browser for the external interface (it's blocked by the
firewall, so it doesn't reach my ISP).

How do i make the smb service to work only for the internal interface ?
Anybody has an idea of why I'm getting that many collisions? Of course, this
slows file transfer (at the windows explorer level) down to a near
screeching halt (well, looks like that to me :)

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Juan B. Rodriguez

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