de-installation - strange encounter with samba 2.0.5

Dieter Speck d.speck at
Sat Nov 11 01:58:06 GMT 2000


I removed samba 2.0.5 from my SuSE 6.3 system to install the newest version 
(which I could not find for SuSE Linux, so I got the source and thought I 
better uninstall the old one before installing the new one).

I started the compilation (which will take hours on my 486) and went back 
to my Windose computer and logged on into the domain as usual.....OOPS!

The linux server is my domain server to log on and that was configured 
through samba. I uninstalled samba ....

Actually, I forgot to stop samba before uninstalling. Maybe that is the 
reason (but smb.conf was deleted automatically).

Can someone tell me how this works?

Thanks in advance,


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