bind interface to private IP

Tobias Galitzien tg at
Fri Nov 10 06:31:30 GMT 2000

Can you ping your NT server from your Linux box?

As far as I can see this cannot work because your NT server is on
and your Linux is on and these are different nets.

You will have to configure your eth1 to address 24.x.x.x and say "interfaces

	Tobias wrote:
> im not quite clear on this, running redhat 6.2, box has two
> NICS,...eth0 is my public ip and eth1 is private ip (
> I want samba to bind nmbd and smbd daemons to not my public ip, for
> security....basically I want to run samba on my lan,..but not have the samba
> daemons bind to my public when u run nmap on my public ip, u don't
> see ports 139 and 138 open.
> Heres what I have now
> [global]
>         workgroup = STUDIO54
>         encrypt passwords = yes
> #Networking configuration options
> hosts allow = localhost
> interfaces =
> bind interfaces only = yes
> ip is my winNT 4.0 server
> this is not working, there something I'm leaving out??

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