bind interface to private IP mjs at
Fri Nov 10 04:26:07 GMT 2000

im not quite clear on this, running redhat 6.2, box has two
NICS,...eth0 is my public ip and eth1 is private ip (

I want samba to bind nmbd and smbd daemons to not my public ip, for
security....basically I want to run samba on my lan,..but not have the samba
daemons bind to my public when u run nmap on my public ip, u don't
see ports 139 and 138 open.

Heres what I have now

        workgroup = STUDIO54
        encrypt passwords = yes

#Networking configuration options
hosts allow = localhost
interfaces =
bind interfaces only = yes

ip is my winNT 4.0 server

this is not working, there something I'm leaving out??

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