Problem with "create mode" and rights

Robert Dahlem Robert.Dahlem at
Thu Nov 9 22:47:34 GMT 2000


On Thu, 09 Nov 2000 15:25:31 +0100, Alexander Rügamer wrote:

>I have installed "Samba 2.0.5a" on a Linux system with
>Kernel 2.2.10 .

Please upgrade to 2.0.7 as soon as poossible.

>In the smb.conf, the security level is set to "user".
>Nearly all works fine...but when i create a file on
>the share-directory with the "create mode = 774" the
>rights of this file have only "-rw-rw-r--".
>So why isn't the permisson of the file 774, as i had
>defined it with the "create mode"?

"create mode" ist more like an "inverted umask". The x-Bits (111) are 
used to emulate archive, system and hidden semantics from DOSsy 
filesystems (search the man page for smb.conf(5) for "map archiv" 
(100), "map hidden" (001), "map system" (010) for more information). 

The default is "map archive = yes", so you seem to have fiddled around 
with it, otherwise you would have ended with 764 instead of 664.

I would suggest "create mode = 775" and all the "map" stuff set to 
"yes" under normal circumstances.

If you have good reason to demand 774 you should set the "map" stuff 
to no and an additional "force create mode = 0755". I'm not sure if 
this one is already available in 2.0.5


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