Novice: Both encrypted and Unencrypted Passwords?

Robert Dahlem Robert.Dahlem at
Thu Nov 9 23:20:00 GMT 2000


On Thu, 9 Nov 2000 19:14:18 +0000, ttibbenham at wrote:

>I've been browsing FAQ's and lists for weeks and havn't found an 
>answer yet so please forgive my newbie-ness.

You're welcome ...

>I'm working on a net which has
>Win 95 (original)
>Win NT4 ws sp 1
>Win 98
>Win 2000 ?Professional?
>Win Me
>SunOS 5.6
>I want all of them to access user level shares on a new Samba 2.0.6 / 
>Mandrake 7.1 server.

No problem for all the windows stuff. Upgrade to 2.0.7 to avoid known 
problems with W2K. The only point to mention is that your SunOS box 
might not behave as convenient as you might like it.

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