"Samba dropping every 1-2 hours", "Mapped drives under Windows 2000" and "Samba and Lotus Notes"

Lee Howard faxguy at deanox.com
Thu Nov 9 22:13:13 GMT 2000

At 09:18 AM 11/8/00 +1300, David Milligan wrote:

>As advised I was using Win98 to share a drive and I have found that often
>registry settings which in NT are in the "LanManServer\Parameters" key are
>found in Windows 95/98 in the "VxD\VNETSUP" key. I added an entry on my
>shared Win98 PC for "Autodisconnect" in this key and set it to decimal 65000
>and voila! no more disconnects!

On my Windows 95/98 systems on one Samba network I do not have a 
key at all (or an Autodisconnect entry anywhere), and I do not experience

Why then, would your systems/network behave differently?

Yet, on another Samba network that I maintain, and which does experience
disconnects (well, the write_socket_data error), the Win95/98 systems also
do not have this registry key.  How do I know that adding this registry key
will be beneficial when it is not needed on other networks with a very
similar configuration?


Lee Howard

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