Novice: Both encrypted and Unencrypted Passwords?

ttibbenham at ttibbenham at
Thu Nov 9 19:14:18 GMT 2000

I've been browsing FAQ's and lists for weeks and havn't found an answer yet so
please forgive my newbie-ness.

I'm working on a net which has
Win 95 (original)
Win NT4 ws sp 1
Win 98
Win 2000 ?Professional?
Win Me
SunOS 5.6

I want all of them to access user level shares on a new Samba 2.0.6 / Mandrake
7.1 server.

Can Samba recognise both encrypted and plain passwords ?  If I put encrypted
passwords = yes in my smb.conf does that prevent the '95 and NT boxes logging

Eventually I want the samba box to control a domain.  Can it do this.  What does
smb.conf need ?


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