How can I hide .dot-files from MS Explorer?

James Nord teilo at
Thu Nov 9 10:45:44 GMT 2000

Jonathan Wilson wrote:
> When exploring my samba servers I see all of the dot files. This is very annoying because some of our users have only a few real directories but /tons/ of dot files and folders for there various apps .*rc files.
> Is there anyway to get either samba 

veto files(S)
     This is a list of files and directories that are neither visible
nor accessible

hide files(S)
     This is a list of files or directories that are not visible but are
accessible. The DOS 'hidden' attribute is applied to any files or
     that match. 

hide dot files (S)
     This is a boolean parameter that controls whether files starting
with a dot appear as hidden files. 
     Default: hide dot files = yes (did you change this?)

> or Explorer to stop showing those?

Set explorer to hide hidden files.

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