Several 2.0.6 questions

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed Nov 8 13:35:17 GMT 2000

Mike Edmunds wrote:
> 1) Logging in via an NT4.0 machine, samba creates 
> and updates /home/mike/profile with all the Windows 
> goodies (Desktop, Cookies, etc.). This is what I expected. When 
> I log in via a Windows 9x machine, it writes all the 
> Windows goodies directly in my home directory and ignores 
> the existance of the profile directory. What would cause this?
> It did not do this under 2.0.5a at my house. Would it be 
> better to do a separate share (e.g., \\alfred\profile\%U) 
> for everyone's profiles?

There were some bug fixes in someimte around then.  Windows 9x 
ignores the logon path parameter.  You can diddle with the registry 
to hard code another path.

> 2) My users tell me that file locking doesn't seen to work 
> in the same fashion as it did before we decided to use Samba 
> as a domain controller. MS Word seems to hang for a 
> bit, essentially locking the machine, until you get a message 
> about the file being in use. Could this be related to
> us changing from a Workgroup scheme to an NT Domain scheme?

More information.  From NT clients?  From Win9x clients?  Have 
you looked at debug logs during the pause?

> 3) Previously under the Workgroup scheme, the NT boxes could 
> see shares on the 9x machines. Now, under the NT Domain 
> controller scheme, access is denied. Is this somehow related to 
> the 9x machines not really being in the domain (no trust 
> accounts in the smbpasswd file)? Is there anything I can do 
> to fix this as it is fairly important that the NT users see 
> the 9x user's shares?

More information.  Do you mean NT users are not able to access
share level WIndows 9x file servers?

Cheers, jerry
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