duplicated usernames, account unknown in 2.0.7

dobos_s at IBCnet.hu dobos_s at IBCnet.hu
Wed Nov 8 15:46:50 GMT 2000

There was no valuable reactions from samba-ntdom, samba-technical lists, so
I repeat it here.

Enviroment: linux 2.2.17, samba 2.0.7 pdc, NTws4sp5.

In NT permissions dialog I see duplicated (tripled) usernames, when I
choose one of them (no meaning which one) and give it some rights and open
the dialog again I dont see the given user, but there is a new line:
XYZDOMAIN\Account unknown.

The situation dont changes If I stop and start samba again, or if I restart
the ntws.

This is the problem. Somebody will help me?

ps1: Is there a samba version which is as stable as 207, but has more
functionality? (e.g. a cvs tarball?)


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