postexec and preexec

Gareth Williams gareth at
Wed Nov 8 14:28:27 GMT 2000

Hello all.

I have recently upgraded my network to include demand dialling 
(PPP). I use ipchains as firewalling, and to control internet access.

To do this, I have got samba to execute an "ipchains" command 
when people connect to and disconnect from a madatory service.  
(It grants the machine internet access if the username matches a 
list when a share is connected to, and denies on share 
disconnection).  All is fine, except that if their computer (the client) 
dies on them, the "postexec" command never gets executed - even 
when Samba detects the machine has timed out.

Two things:  First the Postexec /Root Postexec command doesn't 
always appear to execute when a share is disconnected from - if it 
was a timeout that disconnected the share.  (I would be happy to 
try + fix this, but I don't know where to start looking in the code.  
Any suggestions?)

Second, is there some sort of "Domain Logon Exec" and "Domain 
Logoff Exec" option that would be more apt to this particular 



Gareth Williams
Cardiff Christian Life Centre
Glamorgan House

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