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Easton, Patrick S. pseaston at
Tue Nov 7 15:44:46 GMT 2000


I have installed Samba on a UNIX station running sol 2.6 and have connected
to 3 NT workstations.  I was able to access the designated shares from each
station but have just recently lost the ability to access the 3rd NT
machine.  The network connection was lost and when we try to map the shares
in the network neighborhood, we get errors such as Network Path Not Found,
or that our server name does not exist, or that the server is not
accessible. The server name is Ptolemy.  Ptolemy does show up in the network
neighborhood on Braun.

We are able to ping the suspect machine named BRAUN.  Braun can also ping
the server.  Braun can see the shares of the other NT machines.  Performing
a net view \\ Ptolemy yields the same network error.  

As I mentioned before we had it running fine.  The problem came when we
changed the smb.conf for some browsing options.  When we lost the connection
to Braun, I used the backup of a smb.conf that we had the NTs seeing the
shares.  Its like Ptolemy does not want to share with Braun.  Have you heard
of this happening and is there a way to fix it?

Pat Easton

Member of the Technical Staff

703  633-8300 x 4391

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