Mapped drives under Windows 2000

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Tue Nov 7 13:39:36 GMT 2000

This is one of those things that make you go "Hmmmm!"

It's a function of W2K.  It's my understanding that after a certain time
frame, all non-persistent connections are detached; however, they are still
cached.  You're not online, nor are you offline.  Consider it "nearline."


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I'm having some minor issues with network drives on windows 2000 that are
mapped by the domain login script:
The command is a basic
net use T: \\server/share /persist:no

The problem is that after awile windows 2000 shows the drive as
disconnected. Accessing a file on the drive or double clicking on the drive
seems to reestablish the drive without problem.

The question is, is this a CAL saving MS trick or is SAMBA disconnecting the
client? This doesn't happen with shared mapped off the Windows 2000 server.
The windows 2000 users know enough to be dangerous, and cooked up a bat file
to reconnect thier drives. For now this works, but there must be a better
soultion. /persist:yes might do it but I haven't experimented. (Yet)

Then, on the flip side of things, has anyone had troubles keeping a samba
share mounted on their Linux machine? I have to remount my Windows home
directory every few hours. Kinda annoying but life goes on.

Any insight appreaced, I'm off to search for answers...

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