help with error loging win98 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lewie lmendez at
Tue Nov 7 02:12:43 GMT 2000

hello there i just loaded samba on my rh

6.2 . i am having so much trouble, or if

someone could show me what the hell i'm
doing wrong.

1. I would like to share a folder for
certain users ( system12 )
2 . folder name "hourtrack"

I did all this here's a copy of my
smb.conf file

                    workgroup = cs
                    server string
=    localhost   # computer name , i see

it in win98 networt
=    SHARE

                    comments    =
clock in hours
                    path    =
/usr/local/src/users         # path for
file that user will work on
                    valid users    =
system12                    # user name
                    read list    =
                    write list    =
                     create mask    =
0777                # is this the
permission for the folder dont know ?

after i did this. i went to my win98
machine rebooted and login as user
"system12" with a password that i assign

when i created the user in linux.

I go to network neig , i locate the
"localhost" machine . double click on it

, and what do i see
the "hourtrack" folder. I know that in
the folder there are files in there.
when i double click on the folder (
hourtrack) it asks me for a password. I
enter the password that i assign
to system12  in my linux bx .

then i get a error

message saying " The password is
incorrect. Try again ."

can someon tell me what the hell i'm
doing wrong. i been at this the whole
looked around went to deja, samba
homepage. but i can not figure it out.

so please help me out

thank you Luis

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