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David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Mon Nov 6 13:46:56 GMT 2000

Cindy Hodgins Burian wrote:
> We are running Samba 1.9.18p10 and the main box we push files to is an
> NT Terminal Server 4.0.  Until Project 2000, we've had no problems.
> This is what's happening now:  Joe creates and saves a project on an NFS
> file system pushed by Samba. 

	Can you reproduce this on a test share NOT using
	nfs? That would eliminate nfs problems from the
	debugging... (step 1)

	Indeed, is the reproducible, or does it only happen

			 Jane opens this project, makes changes,
> tries to save it, and it refuses.  Gives a popup box saying basically
> You don't have permission to save this file.  When you look at the file
> permissions through Unix, everything looks fine.  Even if you do a chmod
> 777, it still fails.

	That's interesting: I assume you're doing so from the
	command line on the server, so the result **should**
	be a file which Samba can write.

	However, Windows people often use a "rename" scheme
	to keep around unchanged and backup copies of the 
	user's work (eminently reasonable: Windows dies a lot)
	You may need to change the permissions of .bak or other
	odd files.

	Try setting force create mode as the second step, as
	suggested in

	Then see what files Project creates as the third, whether or
	not the second yields any results.

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