Announcement: SAMBA 2.0.6 for OpenVMS Alpha 7.2

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Sun Nov 5 04:25:52 GMT 2000

     SAMBA 2.0.6 for OpenVMS ALPHA is now in shape for a more
     general test.
     The VAX build still has problems with the NMBD.  I do not know
     when I will be able to do anything more with it.
     See for the kits.
     This version needs the FRONTPORT shared image porting
     library that can be found at:
     There are two source kits, one is the original UNIX sources in a
     ZIP archive instead of a GZIP archive for the convenience of
     VMS users.  The other kit is just the VMS specific source code
     in a ZIP archive.
     If you just want the images, the "BASE" kit has object files and
     a procedure that will link them on your system.  Also procedure
     to add it to the system startup.
     I do not know if this is faster or slower than the earlier versions
     of SAMBA for OpenVMS.  It is very close to having all the
     functionality of the UNIX version.
     Some highlights for SAMBA 2.0.6.
     * Server supports Encrypted Passwords
     * Oplocks and RMS locking.
     * SMBSTATUS reports locked files.
     * Incoming NET SEND messages addressed to the server are
       translated to OPCOM messages.
     * The SMBD program can be run interactively or by the TCPIP
       auxiliary server.  When run interactively, the output can be
       redirected on the command line if the debug level is 4 or
     * You can specify the attributes of files that are created on the
       SMBD server.  A template file is provided for .EXE files.
     Large files that are pushed from an NT system must be sent
     with an extension that is configured for a fixed format file.  This
     is a limitation in this release.
     I found in testing the sending of an 8 Megabyte file that
     Windows NT will send sections of the file out of order, and I
     do not know how big a file triggers this.
     As it is a very complex program, I have not been able to test
     every feature and setting.
     I suspect that I have one of the shared image transfer vectors
     wrong on the VAX version, but I do not know when I will have
     time to look at it.
     To build the source, you need DEC C 6.0 or later, and either
     Compaq MMS or MadGoat Make.
     The layout of source is designed to make it easier to keep in
     synchronization with the UNIX Samba versions.  Most patches
     for the SAMBA product can be directly applied to the source.
     I may not be able to give timely responses to questions, but
     post them on the samba_vms at or comp.os.vms or
     info-vax at mailing list, and possibly someone can
     help with them.
     So have fun.
 wb8tyw at 

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