SMB/redirector buffering file I/O writes

RICHARDS,SAM (HP-France,ex1) samuel_richards at
Fri Nov 3 10:22:13 GMT 2000


I am trying to use the file system between an NT workstation and Unix
to transfer streaming media.  Data is getting buffered somewhere (I think in
on the NT
side, maybe in the redirector, which is buffering data until it receives
EOF) which 
is stopping me from getting real time performance. 

To clarify, here's exactly what I'm trying to do...

I am running a Samba server on the Unix box.
A Java application running on the NT box writes data to a file on a mapped
network drive
at a rate of 16000 bytes/second and flushes the data stream every 8000
An application on the Unix box starts reading the data after a delay at the
same rate.

My problem is that the data is getting buffered somewhere in the system in
of either 48k or 56k bytes before it is written to the remote file system.
This means
I have to use a delay of about 6 seconds between starting writing the file
and starting reading it, otherwise the unix side of things keeps returning
with EOF.

Can anyone tell me how to stop the data getting buffered or drop the
limit to 8000 bytes?

Please could you send answers to samuel_richards at


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