Samba on a Linux multihomed

Andrea_Chiesa at Andrea_Chiesa at
Fri Nov 3 08:15:52 GMT 2000

I have a network a bit ctrange:

          | Net1      |
     |------------|       |        |------------|
     |  Net2    |       |        |  Net3     |
     |------------|       |        |------------|
            |                 |               |
           | Linux    |

All 3 subnets are vlan on a switch
Net1 is
Net2 is
Net3 is

On Net1 there are some educational labs and routing is disabled
On Net2 and 3 routing is enabled
My Linux has configuraed ipchains to masq all internal traffic between
subnets and has some rules to prevent people on labs to go to some machines
on other subnets.
My Linux also has installed samba 2.0.6 and shared some dir.
Linux is the defaul gw of all clients
On Net1 there's a NT4 PDC of domain Laboratori
On Net2 there's a NT4 PDC of domain Docenti
Samba is in server mode security and the pass server is the PDC of studenti
I need to browse domain Studenti from domain docenti and I need write perm
on Samba and on the PDC of Studenti from domain docenti.
So, I need to browse domain studenti from docenti and this doesn't work.
I need to browse my linux from docenti and it doesn't work (it works from
I need to establish a trusting relationship between the 2 NT server and
this doesn't work (probably ipchains doesn't forward broadcasts? I have
added a line in lmhosts on the two PDC  with #DOM:STUDENTI on Docenti and
#DOM:DOCENTI on studenti but it still doesn't work!)
          Andrea Chiesa

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