Pls Help with win200+win9x+lin

manishv manishv at
Fri Nov 3 04:46:06 GMT 2000

I have setup samba2.07 on RH6.1 and have given security= share, now the
problem is that all my windows9x machines r able to recognise the samba
server as well as i am able to logging to all windows maching through
smbmount from linux machine, But i cannot see the linux machine on the
n/w neighbourhood on win2000 m/c which is again on the same domain.

i have checked and seen the working with smbuser,smbpasswd filees and no
Also when i change the security= share to security= server i am able to
see the linux bon on win2000 but is again not accessible form win9x m/c.

Pls help.

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