Fwd: [LeapList] Automating SAMBA share mounting

Urban Widmark urban at svenskatest.se
Thu Nov 2 17:04:57 GMT 2000

On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, Adolfo Santiago wrote:

> shares specific for the user logging on.  I want to do this without
> eliminating the requirement to enter passwords.  I also want to do it so
> the user logging on doesn't have to provide more than the single password
> to get into the KDE desktop.

If you have a samba server why not run nfs on it? Oh, I forgot about
potential nfs vs smb locking problems.

> Has anyone done this?  How do you automate the mounting, while keeping
> the security settings?  Is this even possible with Linux workstations?

AFAIK there is no simple & complete solution that you can just pop into
your system and do this. The connection between login (commonly pam) and
smbmount is missing.

You can use autofs for mounting. Each user could have their own autofs map
with username&password (root owned, read-only) and they would each find
the server on a different place. Something like this:

User 'chago' has an autofs map that mounts stuff under ~chago/.smbfs/
User 'urban' has an autofs map that mounts stuff under ~urban/.smbfs/

Each mount could be done with 'uid=chago,fmask=0700' to give ownership and
access to only that user.

Or you could have smbmnt set-uid root and allow your users to mount
themselves (possibly with the aid of some graphical tool to do browsing).


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