Fwd: [LeapList] Automating SAMBA share mounting

Adolfo Santiago chago at anothernet.com
Thu Nov 2 16:37:03 GMT 2000

I have a Linux server running SAMBA with a few shares.  When I used
Windows machines, I had them set up so they would automatically connect
to the server and mount those shares.  This included providing the
necessary passwords, etc.

I want to duplicate this functionality for my Linux workstations.  I want
them to automatically connect to the SAMBA server and mount a set of
shares specific for the user logging on.  I want to do this without
eliminating the requirement to enter passwords.  I also want to do it so
the user logging on doesn't have to provide more than the single password
to get into the KDE desktop.

I've looked in the O'Reilly SAMBA book, plus a couple others that I have
and all they seem to address is Windows workstations connecting to a
Linux SAMBA server.  I want Linux-to-Linux.

Has anyone done this?  How do you automate the mounting, while keeping
the security settings?  Is this even possible with Linux workstations?
Any pointers welcome!


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