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Frank Walther fw at
Thu Nov 2 14:47:47 GMT 2000


I tried that, but it doesn't work. I always get the message: Invalid
password or invalid user for \\hpk360\FSA.

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Joe Pfaltzgraff at PATAPSCO
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valid users = @group1 @group2

"Frank Walther" <fw at> on 11/02/2000 06:59:56 AM

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Subject:  One Share for several groups

Hi there,

how can I create a share which provides access for several UNIX-groups ? I
tried the option "valid users" and entered "+group1, +group2" but it doesn't

Here's the entry in smb.conf:

     path = /Dat/Gruppe/FSA
     valid users = +group1, +group2
     writeable = Yes
     guest ok = No
     only user = Yes


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