Samba performance compared to Windows 98

Marco Bizzarri m.bizzarri at
Thu Nov 2 09:22:09 GMT 2000

I saw you're using nic 3c905C. Can you take a look at the /sbin/ifconfig
output for that card? If there're collisions (more than 1 every 10000) I
think you've a problem either on the card or on the hub/switch

Also beware of 3com 3c905, since there're different model which are all
labelled as 3c905C, but actually have different chip.

For the ide performance, did you try the hdparm ? You could start with

hdparm -v /dev/hda

to see what are the settings of your disk. Experiment (but on a non
production system before) with

hdparm -u1 -d1 -c1 -X33 /dev/hda

and see the results. This could lead to system hang.


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