Samba performance compared to Windows 98

Lee Howard faxguy at
Thu Nov 2 01:35:50 GMT 2000

At 07:46 PM 11/1/00 -0500, Kim Payne wrote:

>I tried the suggestions about ethernet drivers without much luck.  We have a
>3C905C card from  3Com.  The drivers from 3com didn't help performance any.
>I do see some tx errors, but I am not sure if this is a normal error.  It's
>not a big percentage of packets.

I just loaded the 3c90x driver instead of the 3c59x driver and really
haven't noticed an improvement, either.  However, from what I've read on
it, this driver difference could explain why I thought that I had a
"faulty" 3C905C some months ago, replaced it with an early 3C905B, and all
went well.  I had hoped that this driver would resolve some socket issues
that I have been experiencing on one particular system, but at first
glance, it didn't appear to make a dent.  Simultaneously, I also upgraded
the linux kernel from 2.2.16 to 2.2.17 because of some TCP fixes or
something like that.

Lee Howard

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