Error: Looping in FIND_NEXT??

Urban Widmark urban at
Wed Nov 1 23:03:32 GMT 2000

On Wed, 1 Nov 2000, Jason Frey wrote:

> I am attempting to backup a directory structure from a Windows NT 4.0 server
> to a UNIX machine.  Using the smbclient command with the tar option, I am
> able to tar up about 500mb of data, then I get the error "Error: Looping in
> What is this error?

Exactly what it says ... and you can't understand it unless you have
looked at the code a little :)
(source/libsmb/clientgen.c cli_list, the loop_count variable)

For some reason the server fails to respond >200 times in a row without
responding with anything useful in between. At least that is what it means
on 2.0.7, earlier versions may have had a bug there and not zero the loop 
counter on successful responses.

You didn't say which samba version, if not 2.0.7 try that first. Or
2.2.0-alpha (but I can't get that smbclient to connect to anything, not
even samba-2.2.0-alpha ... probably some docs I haven't read)


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