yppasswd for password sync

Jason Todd todd.4 at wright.edu
Wed Nov 1 21:48:44 GMT 2000

I forgot to mention that in my original message... I am in fact running
yppasswd, as root, on the NIS master (same machine as the Samba server).
There are no NIS slaves (not that it matters).  This is starting to sound
more like a problem for a NIS/YP list, but oh well.

I also thought it was wierd that it was asking root for the root
password....  Maybe I'll look for a yppasswd that doesn't need the root
password if there is no better solution.


On Wed, 1 Nov 2000 gcarter at valinux.com wrote:

> Jason Todd wrote:
> > The problem I've run accross is that 'yppasswd' (when 
> > run as root) asks for the root password before going 
> > any further.
>         Erk!!!
>         I assume it's linux/bsd, as solaris doesn't do that
>         (the man page says "The use of yppasswd is discouraged,
>          as it is now only a link to  the  passwd(1)  command,
>          which  should be used instead.")
>         It should never prompt for root's passwords if it's
>         called by a process running as root: sounds suspiciously
>         like a bug!


Are you running yppasswd on the NIS master?  If not, you 
will be prompted for a root password.  I think even on Solaris
Dave :-)

Cheers, jerry
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