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David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Wed Nov 1 19:47:07 GMT 2000

Anders Knudsen wrote:
| Future network setup (goal):
| Samba as PDC (maybe)
| Linux for file servers, running Samba and NIS.
| Sparc workstations on network used for compute servers (running NIS)
| Windows NT workstations stay on everyone's desk.
| Adding Linux boxes for compute servers.

	With the exception of Samba as pdc, that's what we had
	here for some years.  We're a Sun shop, so we're now down
	to mostly Suns and a few Windows and NT boxes for admins.
	We made Samba "just an ordinary Unix server", and
	have it getting its passwords from the underlying
	system (which happens to run nis, though Samba doesn't
	actually know that).

	I have a publicly accessible share and a ftp directory
	for folks to get their plain password .reg files from,
	and a firewall so people can't easily sniff my network.
	Other than that, very little. I don't think we've
	changed anything in the smb.conf in about a year...

	The only user-visible parts should be resetting their
	passwords the first time they log on to the new samba
	server (using a pre-set unix password that you supply,
	probably in a sealed envelope (;-))

	The only other time they should come into contact with
	you is when they get a new PC, don't know that it's using
	Microsoft encryption, and com to you to get it put
	on the network.  Which is substantially how Erics and I
	used to find out if someone new had joined YorkU.CA (;-))

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