Mode change bug in 2.2

Gary Algier gaa at
Wed Nov 1 19:23:44 GMT 2000

I have 2.2 (as of 10/31/0) and I noticed a bug in the code handling logon
profiles.  I have a home directory that is mode 2755.  The Samba code
creates the profile directory as mode 2700 and all its children get this
mode.  This seems to cause all the children to have mandatory locking
turned on.

When the code clears the 0070 bits it needs to clear the 2000 bit.  Without
this a bunch of "access denied" errors come up on the Windoze PC.

A work around is to pre-create the profile directory with mode 0700.
Unfortunately all of our home directories are purposely created mode 2755.

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