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Wed Nov 1 19:19:58 GMT 2000


Thanks - and a big 'd'oh' for not looking in the CD. It worked
fine. Now that I just need to sit back and wait a couple of
days for 'update encrypted = yes' to populate smbpasswd,
the question arises - 

I know that I had to patch the registry on various Win98 clients
(in a mostly Win95 environment) to allow plaintext
logons...will those clients still be able to log on in
plaintext once I turn support for encrypted passwords on? 
I'll happily 'unpatch' the Win98 machines, but for the rest...

I'm assuming the answer is yes since samba can accept
connections from WFW31 and DOS clients which I presume don't
support encrypted passwords?

BTW, thanks to those who answered my question about WIN2K. I
wasn't able to 'find' the place to enable plaintext passwords
on the WIN2K box but instead I set up the 'test' samba server
(non production) to enable encrypted passwords, setup a user
account for the WIN2K box, did the smbpasswd -a <username> and
although I still haven't figured out browsing the samba server
from the WIN2K box, I COULD connect and was prompted for a
username/password pair, so that is a big sucess. Onward and
upward to solve the browsing issue... I suspect DNS since I can
force a connection searching on <IPNUMBER> in 'find computer';

Some folks have suggested upgrading to 2.0.7 so I may do that next on the
test box to see what happens.

Rich Parker
Director of Engineering
Vermont Public Radio

    > but I didn't install this particular setup of samba and 
    > I'm not finding the script on my system (btw, 
    > I am on Samba version 2.0.4b)
    Grab the 2.0.3 tarball from the CD (included with the book).
    Unpack it and look in samba-2.0.3/source/scripts.
    Cheers, jerry


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