making smbpasswd from /etc/passwd

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed Nov 1 18:12:17 GMT 2000

rparker at wrote:
> I read in 'Teach yourself Samba in 24 hours' by Gerald Carter
> that it's possible to create smbpasswd file from /etc/passwd 
> by running a script:
> cat /etc/passwd | > 
>      /usr/local/samba/private/smbpasswd
> but I didn't install this particular setup of samba and 
> I'm not finding the script on my system (btw, 
> I am on Samba version 2.0.4b)

Grab the 2.0.3 tarball from the CD (included with the book).
Unpack it and look in samba-2.0.3/source/scripts.

> any ideas where I could get a known good copy of this script?
> I want to migrate everyone to encrypted passwords using the
> update encrypted = yes function to populate smbpasswd, but I
> believe I have to have a smbpasswd file of some kind created
> for all my users first?

Cheers, jerry
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