Samba transition advice...

Anders Knudsen anders.knudsen at
Wed Nov 1 17:18:16 GMT 2000

Hello all samba users. I am in process of a "samba transition" and would 
like some advice from any and all who have been through this.

Current network setup:
Windows NT server running as a PDC.
Windows NT server running as a file server.
Sparc workstations on network used for compute servers (running NIS)
Windows NT workstations on everyone's desk. (they can access the sparcs via 
exceed for win.)

Future network setup (goal):
Samba as PDC (maybe)
Linux for file servers, running Samba and NIS.
Sparcs stay.
Windows NT workstations stay on everyone's desk.
Adding Linux boxes for compute servers.

Here is what I have done so far:
I have added 2 linux boxes to our network.
Samba is running on 1 of them and I have set it up to join our current NT 
domain, keeping the NT server as the PDC.

User accounts (username) on the Samba/Linux box match the NT ones that 
everyone's been using. The passwords on the linux box are not the same as 
the ones on the NT PDC, but, that does not matter right now, since Samba is 
using the NT PDC as a password server. Is there an easy way to sync up the 
NT side passwords with the ones on the linux box? (passwd and shadow in use.)
Since my plan is to phase out the NT servers I will need to get the 
usernames and passwords on the linux/unix side synced up. Eventually 
everyone here will be using the linux boxes as compute servers.
I want the username/passwords to match so when I transition to Samba as PDC 
the pain will be minimized. :)


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