Newbie Access Question

Anthony Abby anthony at
Wed Nov 1 14:04:33 GMT 2000

> Anthony Abby wrote:
> >
> > \\machinename\homedirname is not accessible
> > The network name can not be found
> This is a netbios name resolution problem.  Check
> broadcast addresses and netmasks first.  Also be aware
> that if the server and client are on different sides of
> a router then you will need either local lmhosts files or
> a WINS server.


I'm not sure I understand that.  I have several shares on my Linux box.  My
NT accounts are able to connect to my 'share' share, which is simply
/share_root on my linux box, but called 'share' in terms of netbios.  Why
would I be able to connect to \\machinename\share but not
\\machinename\homedirname?  Both of my machines are inside a firewall, and
share the same subnet so I do not use lmhosts or a wins server.


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