MS Windows Me, dialing up to Samba

Mac dmccann at
Wed Nov 1 13:25:00 GMT 2000

Hi all,

	I expect this problem's already been spotted by many people, if
you've got a solution, I'd love to hear it!

I've set up Dial-Up Networking on a Windows Millennium Edition PC.  The
dial up is fine, the ISP is working OKay, web browsing etc all works

I can even telnet to my Samba server.

However, I can't make any drive mappings, nor even do a 'net view'.

Error messages are as follows:-

Attempting to map a drive letter (using Explorer|Tools|Map Network Drive)

	The following error occured while trying to connect 
	h: to \\hostname\homes

	Windows is unable to gain access to the network.  This may be for
	a number of reasons.

Typing 'Net View' into a DOS box:-

	Error 3545: You cannot start or stop the network from within an
	MS-DOS window

There is no difference in these messages if I select 'Logon to network'
in the DUN properties for the connection I'm using.  The 'Logging on to
network...' text is displayed during the dialing session, but (I'm
guessing) it's not actually working.


Anyone any ideas.  Please.

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