pass not working

Jarrod Sayers Jarrod.Sayers at
Wed Nov 1 12:16:20 GMT 2000

Your NT Server box isnt set up to be a Domain Controller is it?  If so, you
will need to make a machine account in Server Manager and add the name of the
Samba server as a normal workstation then use 'smbpasswd -j YOURNTDOMAIN' to
have the machine joint the domain.

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> Subject:	pass not working
> I'm on Winnt 4.0 server and just installed samba on my linux box,..the
> problem is I can see my linux box in network neighborhood,..but when it pops
> up for  a login and passowrd,..they don't work.....i did setup an account on
> my NT box that's identical to the user on my linux box,.but none of my linux
> accounts seem to work ,..what could be the problem.

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