Will we have group policies in 2.2.0 for w9x?

Ries van Twisk ries at franksintl.nl
Wed Nov 1 07:41:20 GMT 2000

This is just for you information on how I solved part of the problem.

I do use sort of a group policy here.
My [netlogon] section looks like this.

comment=net logon services
write list = admin
force group=office
create mask = 0644
directory mask = 0755
guest ok = no
locking = no

When a user logs on %G will be it's primary group name.
For every group I create a netlogon directory in

So I can create a config.pol for every group instead of for every 
user in this way. Every use in my office is part of it's primary group 
and the office group. 


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