mount error - no such device

Dean Brandt dean at
Wed Nov 1 02:35:22 GMT 2000


    I am trying to access a share that sits on a Samba server run on Red
Hat 7.0 from a system running Red Hat 6.2.

    The 7.0 system is running v2.0.7-21ssl while the 6.2 system is
running samba 2.0.3-8

    When I run this command:

smbmount "\\\\\\backup" -c 'mount /tmp/backup'

    I get this error:

mount error: no such device

    The /backup share exists on the server and the /tmp/backup dir
exists on the box I am doing the smbmount from.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance


Dean Brandt
Melbourne, Australia

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