samba-2.0.7 on Irix5.6

William Colls william at
Wed May 31 01:54:32 GMT 2000

Make sure that the samba host (irix) is correctly identified in the
lmhosts file. This is usually in C:\windows(or where ever  your windows
directory is located) for win95 and win98.

If it is missing you should find an lmhosts.sam file there. Use this as
a model, edit with your favourite text editor, and save as plain
c:\windows\lmhosts (no extension).

samba at wrote:

> hi,
> configured samba, able to see my
> Irix host from windows, but then I'm trying
> to browse getting such an error message:
> ___________
> \\irix is not accesible
> The computer or sharename could not be found.
> Make sure you typed it correctly, and try again.
> ___________
> testparm          reports no errors
> smbclient -L winhost         works fine
> account on Irix system has 2 symbols length only, but I added
>   min password length = 2
> the same accounts and samba configuration on
> linux computer working without problems.
> thank you in advance,
> best,
> k.k.

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