integration samba and OS/2

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Tue May 30 08:33:28 GMT 2000

Hi all,

for some reasons we use a lot of OS/2 clients and cannot change this 
situation in the next time, but we want to use an "up-to-date-file-server" 
with samba.

My questions:
1) Do we need some special configurations if we want to use a Lan-server 
domain controller for password authentication ("security = server", "password 
server = <ip_address_lan_server>")? My first tests failed.
2) Can we join the samba server as a member in the Lan-server-domain 
("security = domain")?
3) Can we propagate some printer driver for OS/2 clients, like we can do it 
for Win9x ("printer driver file = xxx")?

A search in the old archives was not possible: invalid link and a server 
You don't have permission to access /listproc/samba/ on this server.
Apache/1.3.12 Server at kong Port 80

BTW 2:
The samba survey site is now offline for a long time (min. 5 weeks). Does 
anybody know, what the problem is? Paul didn´t answer on my e-mail.
("Sorry, the database is undergoing modification at the moment. Please try 
again later. If you continue to experience dificulties, please contact Paul 
Blackman at  ictinus at ")

Andreas Burkart
E-Mail: AndreasBurkart1 at

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