support for multiple codepages at once?

Joe Richards jrichards at
Fri May 26 17:31:33 GMT 2000

I have a bunch of files on a Windows (98) machine which use different
character sets.  Some of the filenames have German characters in them, some
French, Polish, others Scandinavian and even Korean.  Everything except the
Korean files seem to be correctly represented by the Windows box.

I read the Samba documentation fairly thoroughly, and can see with a little
foresight I can set Samba up to handle some of these character sets by
defining which 'code page' to use.  But doesn't this restrict me to using
only one group of characters for a particular file store (eg. ONLY Western
European)?  Is there anyway I can several at once (as appears to be
happening on the Windows box)?  Am I approaching the problem the wrong way?

If I copy files with unusual characters in them, they seem to be truncated.
If the odd character appears at the beginning of the filename I have a hell
of a time getting rid of the file!

I'm running Samba 2.0.6

Joe Richards

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