Not enough file space reported from application

Donovan R. Palmer palmerd at
Fri May 26 13:04:10 GMT 2000


I tried searching the archives on the web site to answer my question, but
for some strange reason, when I go to the search page, it kicks me back to
the main page no matter what... so I apologise if this is a FAQ.  I did try!

I have a share which I'm installing an application to.  The program as it is
installing, reports there isn't enough disk space.  I know this not true as
the hard drive is very large and there is very little on it.  I wondered if
there is a share quota or something that Samba has by default to prevent
users from hogging up the file server with large files?  If so, how do I
change it.

If it isn't this, does anybody have an idea of what it can possibly be?  I
know this is broad question, but this is not the first time that I have seen

Kind regards,

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