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Stephen L Arnold arnold at
Thu May 25 18:33:15 GMT 2000

Howdy all:

I'm trying to use smbmount to mount a win9x share and copy some files for backup, eventually to run as a script invoked via cron.

I have RH6.1/samba 2.0.5a, and the windoze box is win95b.  If I do the standard mount (smbmount //winbox/backup /mnt/smb04) I have to be root.  Also, after it's mounted, I can't create any files there as a normal user (even though the mount-point /mnt/smb04 is owned by me).

The smbmount man page says:

To mount an smb file system, I suggest using the option -c
       for smbmount to pass the mount command. For example, use

       smbmount "\\server\tmp" -c 'mount /mnt -u 123 -g 456'

but the actual command does not understand this syntax, nor does it seem to have the latter two options for setting the user/group IDs (which it seems I need in order to get the right permissions on the mounted share).

What am I missing here?  Is there some other way to get what I need?  I can't just backup the Linux box because all the suitable devices (cdr, dat, etc) are owned by the office windoze weenie.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance, Steve

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