SWAT modification....?

Scott Lawson s.lawson at sghms.ac.uk
Thu May 25 08:37:40 GMT 2000


I would like to suggest a modification to the SWAT web gui. I have
been successfully using Samba for a few years now at my institution and
it is a great product. We use it here to handle all of our file serving
for around 11,000 users. We have 3 Sun E450's serving up to a 1000
each at any one time with no problems. That's the background, here is my
request. In the SWAT gui the restart Samba daemon stop and restart
are on the same page as the active connections, shares and open files.
if you want to stop and start Samba using the gui you have to wait for
page to load. Now that's fine if you only have a few daemons running and
a few files open, unfortunately I tend to have up to a 1000 Samba
running and who knows how many files open. I have managed to type this
email while I am waiting for the page to load! My poor browser struggles
cope with the page! Anyway, would it be possible to stick the daemon
buttons on another page? Maybe called services or something?

I realise I can use my start stop scripts to restart, sometimes that is
convenient. ie. in a student open access lab where telnet to the server
is not
allowed... also it could be much easier to talk a *nix novice through
over the

I would like to hear any opinions on this.

Anyway, thanks for a great product.



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