printing in 2.0.7

William Jojo jojowil at
Thu May 25 01:40:17 GMT 2000

OS: AIX 4.3.3
Samba 2.0.7
IBM C/C++ 3.6.6

I have a problem with samba printing. It spools everything to
/var/spool/samba and it prints - for about an hour. Then things just start
piling up in /var/spool/samba and the only way to correct it is to restart

Of course, this created more problems, like served apps just blinking out
and even making Word 2000 display a box with an I/O error of 0xc00000c4.

I'm thinking something may be drastically different in 4.3.3, but I'm
hoping it's simpler than that.

I'd increase the log level, but then it would very unusable since it would
*very* slow.



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